Psychometrics & Surveys

Kirros Consulting offers a full suite of psychometrics and surveys to evaluate organisational wellbeing. The assessments we offer measure personal and environmental factors that are proven to impact stress, resilience, and wellbeing. Our reports provide detailed measures as well as contain practical guidance on how to protect and enhance resilience and wellbeing in your organisation.

Resilience Quotient Inventory™

The RQi™ measures beliefs, behaviours and environmental factors that are proven to protect people against stress and burnout. Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a 26-page report with their scores compared to a sample population along with recommendations for building even greater resilience. Download a sample RQi Client Report.


The Organisational Resilience and Performance Questionnaire (ORGRPQ) is used to identify sources of stress in the workplace, particularly those related to people management practices and social factors. Team members complete a secure online questionnaire which is used to generate a 15 page report with scores across 10 dimensions. The ORGRPQ is includes the HSE Stress Indicator Tool. To see how the RQi and the ORGRPQ complement each other, download our white paper below.


The e360-Audit is used to identify factors in the physical work environment that impact stress and wellbeing. This involves a staff survey, interviews with decision-makers and an assessment of the environment by a qualified consultant.

The Resilience Quotient Inventory

The RQi™ is structured around Six Elements of Resilience which represent composite scales. The Six Elements are sub-divided into 26 sub-scales, providing the most detailed measure of resilience available anywhere in the world.

The scales of the RQi™ were developed by the world's leading experts in health psychology, combined with new scales developed by Dr Matthew Critchlow (Kirros and University of Westminster) and Dr Julian Edwards (Open University).

How does it work?

Users complete a secure online questionnaire and receive a 26-page personalised report in which their scores (across seven composite scales and 26 sub-scales) are compared to a sample population.

The RQi Client Report™ also provides tailored guidance on how to build even greater resilience; users get access to unique resources available on the RQi portal ( via a secure account.

There is also an RQi Team Report™ with anonymised, collated data for teams. We can provide different reference populations in the RQi Reports including middle and senior managers in different sectors.


The Transactional Theory of Stress & Resilience

The psychometrics and surveys sumarised above have been designed on the idea that wellbeing and resilience are largely determined by the inter-relationship between a person and his/her environment. This is captured in the Transactional Theory of Stress & Resilience (TTSR) below. The environment part of our model is divided into two sub-categories: psycho-social and physical. The ORGRPQ provides a measure of the psycho-social environment and the e360-Audit measures the physical environment side. The RQi measures personal factors that impact wellbeing and resilience.

For more detail about the TTSR, download our White Paper.

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